Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Classic Christmas Radio Theater for 2022 is Complete!

An ALL NEW Edition of Christmas on the Radio is Completed!

Up to 24 hours of the greatest radio programs of all time available by BARTER in most markets, with delivery via FTP.  A non-commercial edition will also be available as well on a cash basis.  Shows may be run through January 1, 2023. 

Here's what's on tap!

Hour 1 - An Hour of Western Adventure. First Gunsmoke starring William Conrad, originally broadcast December 23, 1956, Beeker’s Barn. A young couple take shelter in her estranged father's barn, just before she has a baby! Also Have Gun Will Travel starring John Dehner, originally broadcast December 28, 1958, The Hanging Cross. Paladin comes upon a woman and child in the desert, possibly with Typhoid fever.


Hour 2 - CBS Radio Workshop, originally broadcast December 23, 1956, All Is Bright. The story of how "Silent Night" came to be written and became world famous. Also The Treasury Star Parade, originally broadcast December 24, 1942, A Modern Scrooge starring Lionel Barrymore. A Wartime Christmas Carol.


Hour 3 - The Jack Benny Special Christmas Show, originally broadcast December 2, 1956. The traditional and very funny visit to the department store for Christmas shopping.


Hour 4 - An hour of the Bob Hope Show, First from December 7, 1948, Doris Day and Bob go Christmas shopping. Bob and guest Bing Crosby do one of their snappy routines. Then, from December 20, 1949, Bob and guest Rhonda Fleming appear in a skit about a happily married couple, based on their newly released film, "The Great Lover." And of course, Bing Crosby stops by.


Hour 5 - The New Edgar Bergen Hour with Charlie McCarthy, December 25, 1955. Frank Fawcett (a Santa's helper) is interviewed, Charlie and Candy recite "The Night Before Christmas," Charlie tells the story of Red Riding Hood from the wolf's point of view. Prof. Kirkwood discusses "How To Enjoy Bankruptcy," a quiz titled "What The Devil Do You Do?"


Hour 6 - Grand Central Station, December 24, 1949, Miracle for Christmas starring Mason Adams. The sixth consecutive presentation of the show's traditional program. A well-done and very moving Christmas story. Also Lum n Abner, originally broadcast December 24, 1942. Abner’s family is waiting to decorate the Christmas Tree, but he and Lum are “testing” a new electric train.


Hour 7 - Blondie starring Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton, originally broadcast Christmas Day, December 25, 1939, 83 years ago. Also Yours Truly Johnny Dollar starring Bob Bailey, originally broadcast December 22, 1957, 65 years ago, The Carmen Kringle Matter.


Hour 8 - Fred Allen, originally broadcast December 18, 1940, 82 years ago, Santa Claus Sits Down. The case histories of child geniuses. Jack Benny is the only person to ever mail in a tea bag for a refill. Stuart Canin, the fourteen year old violinist who played, "The Bee" and started the Benny-Allen feud returns. Once again, he plays Schubert's, "The Bee." The Texaco Workshop Players present, "Santa Claus Sits Down, or, "Jingle Bells Shall Not Ring Tonight."


Hour 9 - Casey Crime Photographer starring Staats Cotsworth, originally broadcast December 25, 1947, 75 years ago, The Santa Claus Of Bum Boulevard. Anchor Hocking Glass. It's Christmas Day, and the guy who gives away money on skid row is robbed of his $300. Also Fibber McGee and Molly, originally broadcast December 21, 1955, 67 years ago, The Christmas Sign. McGee turns on the outside Christmas lights, and one red light in particular.


Hour 10 - Lights Out, originally broadcast December 22, 1937, 85 years ago, Uninhabited (Christmas Story 1918). A Christmas story, set during the war in 1918. A French soldier, an Australian and an American Negro soldier find themselves aboard a railroad train. Have they met before? Are they wise men? Also Fibber McGee and Molly, originally broadcast December 22, 1955, 67 years ago, The Forgotten Card. Fibber and Molly break into Doc Gamble's apartment to sneak their Christmas card into Doc's mail. It seems they forgot to mail it.


Hour 11 - Dragnet starring Jack Webb, originally broadcast December 22, 1953, 69 years ago, The Big Little Jesus. A Los Angeles Mission reports the statue of Jesus has been stolen the day before Christmas. Also Thunder in the Valley, broadcast in December 1950, a Christmas Seal appeal. The story of how the National Tuberculosis Association got an X-Ray machine for a small town.


Hour 12 - Theater Royal, originally broadcast December 24, 1953, 69 years ago, A Christmas Carol starring Sir Laurence Olivier. The classic Dickens story about Scrooge and Bob Cratchet. And Tiny Tim, of course. Also Guest Star, originally broadcast December 16, 1951, Stand-in for Santa starring Macdonald Carey.


Hour 13 - Duffy’s Tavern starring Ed Gardner as Archie, originally broadcast December 22, 1948, 74 years ago, Miracle on Third Avenue. Archie is depressed after not getting a Christmas bonus until a stranger pays him a visit. Also Fibber McGee and Molly, originally broadcast December 23, 1955, 67 years ago. The story of, "The Patient Little Star" is told once again (first heard in 1954).


Hour 14 - Amos n Andy, originally broadcast December 23, 1951, 71 years ago, The Annual Christmas Show. Andy gets a job as a Santa at a department store, and Amos tells his daughter the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. Also the Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, originally broadcast December 21, 1945 with guest Ezra Stone. All Christmas stories in this program.


Hour 15 - The Columbia Workshop, originally broadcast December 19, 1944, 78 years ago, Norman Corwin’s The Plot to Overthrow Christmas. The fiendish schemes of the Devil and the arch-villains of all time are to kill Santa Claus and eliminate the celebration of Christmas, told in verse. Also Fibber McGee and Molly, originally broadcast December 16, 1953, Christmas Shopping. Fibber and Molly are in the Bon Ton Department Store, doing their Christmas shopping.


Hour 16 - An hour of SUSPENSE!. First, an episode from December 21, 1958, 64 years ago, Out for Christmas starring Raymond Burr. Santa Claus has a gun and is out for revenge. He's really an ex-con out to get the rat who testified against him, and his girl who ran off with the rat! Also an episode from December 22, 1957, 65 years ago, Dog Star starring child star Evelyn Rudie, her first appearance on radio. All that a little girl wants for Christmas is a little puppy. She finally gets one...from outer space! Little Chipka falls to Earth from a Russian satellite.


Hour 17 - The Greatest Story Ever Told, originally broadcast December 21, 1947, 75 years ago, No Room at the Inn. Also Lum n Abner, originally broadcast December 24, 1949, 73 years ago, The Traditional Christmas Show.


Hour 18 - The Aldrich Family starring Bobby Ellis as Henry, originally broadcast December 21, 1952,70 years ago, Christmas Eve. It's the day before Christmas and Eleanor Wentworth is giving Henry an expensive wallet. Henry tries to buy a battery-operated Christmas tree pin for Eleanor. Also The Coronet Little Show, originally broadcast December 23, 1943, 79 years ago, The Gift of the Magi.


Hour 19 - Jack Benny goes Christmas Shopping again. First from December 5, 1954, 68 years ago, Jack Benny buys paints for Don Wilson. Jack goes Christmas shopping for oil paints for Don Wilson. Also Phil Harris and Alice Faye from December 19, 1948, 74 years ago, A Visit from Santa Claus. Jack Benny plays Santa (for a price) for Phil's kids.


Hour 20 - Screen Director’s Playhouse, originally broadcast May 8, 1949, 73 years ago, It’s a Wonderful Life starring Jimmy Stewart. The radio adaptation of the motion picture featuring Arthur Q. Bryan as Clarence, and Hans Conried as Mr. Potter. Also Fibber McGee and Molly, originally broadcast December 21, 1953,69 years ago, wrapping a Christmas Gift for Aunt Sarah. Fibber is wrapping a Christmas present for Aunt Sarah. A trip to the post office follows.


Hour 21 - Tales of the Texas Rangers starring Joel McRae, originally broadcast December 24, 1950, 72 years ago, Christmas Present. The "Santa Claus Stickup" of December 31, 1931, a crime story with a happy ending. Also the Passing Parade, originally broadcast December 24, 1943, 79 years ago, The Story of Christmas Seals.


Hour 22 - The Great Gildersleeve starring Harold Peary, originally broadcast December 24, 1944, 78 years ago, Christmas Eve. An old-fashioned Christmas at the water commissioner's. Also Guest Star, originally broadcast December 18, 1955, Red Skelton and the Meaning of Christmas. Red plays the role of a talking Christmas tree.


Hour 23 - Broadway is My Beat starring Larry Thor, originally broadcast December 24, 1949, 73 years ago, Nick Norman and Santa Claus. Nick Norman is just out of Sing Sing after fifteen years and is scheduled to play Santa Claus for the P.A.L. The day before the big day, Santa takes a powder, while a miserly landlord demands his rent! Also The Private Lives of Ethel and Albert, originally broadcast December 9, 1947, 75 years ago. Shipping a Christmas ottoman for Aunt Bertha.


Hour 24 - Lady Esther presents Orson Welles, originally broadcast December 22, 1941, 81 years ago. A Christmas program, featuring "The Nativity" from St. Luke, Chapter 2. "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde and poetry by G.K. Chesterton. Also Douglas Edwards at the North Pole from 1946, 76 years ago. The (then young) newsman talks about his visit to the North Pole.


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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

History of Christmas on the Radio

When Wyatt Cox moved to Las Vegas in 1996, he was faced with the challenge of making his radio station stand out in the crowded big-industry scene. Most stations either ran reruns of their stations regular talk shows or played the same Christmas music as every other station.

With the help of a number of collectors of old time radio friends he assembled a 10 hour radio special that aired in Las Vegas for two years. When he left the station in December of 1999, he built on the concept adding a variety of programs and commentary to an 18 hour package that was syndicated to a handful of stations.

Christmas on the Radio continues to be Family Friendly spoken word programming.  Classic Radio programs featuring some of the biggest names in entertainment of the 30's to today.  Comedy, Drama, Suspense, the entire spectrum of Old Time Radio is new again to today's radio listeners.  It's the perfect Christmas show for stations with a Spoken Word format.

Classic Radio Theater is also available up to three hours a day, up to seven days a week on a Barter basis to commercial stations.

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